Escalation – let us fix it. [EN]

After few games of new Apocalypse and Escalation I have reached conclusion that stuff needs to be fixed. Leave Apocalypse alone because insane things in Apoc are normal and they don’t disturb anyone and focus on Escalation.

Escalation is a cool idea. It allows to run certain superheavy vehicles and other apocalyptic stuff in your “standard” games. That’s why there are attempts to “balance stuff” with i.e. “through attrition, victory” rule. Unfortunately in new Apoc SH vehicles become ungodly overpowered (especially wen compared against regular vehicles). Even humble Baneblade costing 3 LRBT does considerably more damage than 3LRBT and is considerably more durable than those three combined.

Generally I dislike Escalation book. Excluding missions it’s just ONE page of new rules within entire 20 pounds worth of book (SH rules and datasheets are copied either from existing Apoc book or from IA:Apoc, in case of Tigershark).

I was thinking of some simple home rule to make it less scary, but out of few home rules quickly emerged alternate ruleset for SH.

1. Datasheets:
All datasheets from IA books/Apoc/webpages/whatever can be used. In case of datasheets containing Structure Points, multiply them by three to get Hull Points value. SPs aren’t used.
2. Super Heavy Vehicles:
All rules for vehicles are used with few exceptions:
2.1. Movement:
Super heavy vehicle may only move 6″ during its movement phase and can’t move flat out.
Super heavy vehicle with fast rule, super heavy skimmers and ork Battlefortress aren’t affected by this limitation.
Ork vehicles painted red move one inch more just accordingly to ork rules.

Superheavy machines may reroll terrain test and if second “one” is rolled, they ddo suffer “Drive Damaged” result

2.2. Shooting:
They may fire all their weapons at full BS, even if some or all of their weapons are Ordnance
2.3. Psionics:
Due to their numerous crew and complex redundant systems, SH vehicles aren’t affected by psy powers with exception of powers that cause damage with given strength value. This means that for example Puppets Master or Forewarning can’t be used on them.
2.4. Attacks against SH vehicles:
Glancing hits are resolved normally.
When penetrating hit is scored, forget about SH being invulnerable to effects. there is table, albeit different. What’s more: chain reaction is back!
1. Gun Crew Shaken: Randomly selected gun may only fire snapshots during following shooting phase. If all gun crews are shaken, apply weapon destroyed result.
2. Driver stunned: Vehicle does not move in following turn (Unless it’s a flyer, than it moves 18-36″ but cannot turn). If this effect is already applied, use Gun Crew Shaken.
3. Weapon destroyed: Normally as for vehicles.
4. Drive Damaged: Speed is halved (typically to 3″). Second and subsequent Drive Damaged results are resolved as Immobilized.
5. Structural Damage: Vehicle loses additional d3 hp. If it is destroyed as a result of structural damage, it explodes in 2d6 range.
6+. Chain Reaction: Vehicle loses additional d3 hp. Perform additional roll on this table. If model is destroyed due to chain reaction, it explodes in 3d6 range, with S9 and AP2.
2.5 Broad Side of the Barn
All shooting attacks from non-blast weapons targeted at SH vehicles are resolved at +1BS. This includes snapshots, so Thunderhawks are hit on 5+.

Additionally they may never benefit from Jink special rule.
2.6 Damage control!
At the beginning of shooting phase owner of SH vehicle may announce Damage Control. If he does so, SH vehicle does not shoot but instead rolls number of dice equal to number of HPs remaining. Each 6 allows to negate one weapon destroyed suffered earlier in battle or one drive damaged (therefore two sixes allow to repair immobilized result).

3. Gargantuan creatures
3.1 Movement:

They move 12″. Through difficult terrain they roll 3d6 i and add up results of two highest dice.

They may tank shock.
3.2 Shooting and assaulting:
As SH vehicles, additionally:
Gargantuan Creature may assault different target than one it was shooting at.
Gargantuan Creature may declare combined charge (even though it is a single model) if it is actually possible to place it in base contact with both of its target (therefore Hierophant can devour two Land Raiders in single assault phase).
In close combat GC has AP1.
3.2.1 Stomp
In assault phase GC may exchange all its normal attacks for single Stomp Attack. Then all models in base contact suffer single hit with normal strength of a GC and AP of 1.
3.2.2 Like ants
Only following models may truly tie GC in close combat: Gargantuan Creature, Superheavy Walker, Monstruous Creature with 6 or more starting wounds. If a GC is in CC only with models outside this list, it can’t move in its movement phase or charge anything but during shooting phase it may shoot at any enemy unit that is not engaged in close combat.

Under any circumstances GC cannot make sweeping advance (enemy who runs is either too small or too fast)

3.3 Attacking a GC:
GCs are invulnerable to Instant Death and can reroll Initiative Test against JotWW.
Sniper weapons and poison (even Poison 2+) wound GC on 6+.
3.4 Psionics:
GC roll 4+ for Deny The Witch.
3.5 “Broad Side of the Barn” .
Just like SH vehicles

4. Superheavy Walkers:
Movement, shooting and assaulting like an GC, damage and psychic powers like vehicles. “Broad Side of the Barn”

5. Apocalyptic weapons
5.1 Primary Weapon:
When attacking vehicle, roll 2 dice and choose higher.
If there is Gun Crew Shaken or weapon destroyed, it is ignored on 3+.
5.2 Destroyer Weapon:
If weapon has D strength, treat it as strength 10 with following rules: Armourbane, Fleshbane, Instant Death.

Against D-weapon there are no armour/cover/invulnerable save. No FNP, no reanimation protocols and no other rules for resurrecting the dead. 2 exception: Look Out Sir! roll is allowed and Iron Will rule of commissar Yarrick still works (because he is so awesome).

6. Upgrades which can be purchased:
6.1 EW
Your warlord can purchase Eternal Warrior SR for 25 pts even if he is a Special Character. Warlord is an awesome legendary fighter and he van survive direct hit of a Turbolaser. Not only because he wears awesome suit of armour but especially because he is favored by his gods to be awesome!

6.2 Vortex Grenade
You may buy single vortex grenade for 100pts. It works just as explained in Apoc book.

7. Altered FoC
Of coourse there is Lords of War slot which is optional, of course second LoW choice is allowed if second primary detachment is taken.

8. Through Attrition, Victory
1VP for each 3 wounds/3HP taken out of LoW choice

Treat this as a proposal of rules that can further be improved

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