Malcador battle tank

Malcador Battle Tank is one of oldest and most venerable vehicles still in service at Astra Militarum in 41st millenium. In most panzer regiments it’s replaced by faster and more versatile Leman Russ tank.

It was not always this way. During Great Crusade Malcador Tanks were renowned for their high speed, but since then, as a result of technological decay Imperium has lost ability to properly worship their machine spirits and oil their engines. They become unreliable and weren’t performing as well as they used to.

As a result majority of Malcadors were phased out from frontline service and moved to planetary defense forces. However many fighting formations, such as Catachan 3rd armoured division “Iron Fang” still rely on these powerful engines. Due to their crushing weight and unparalleled cross-country abilities they proved to be best tanks for fighting in thick jungle where smaller vehicles could not cope with crossing many obstcles.
While Baneblade is clearly superior to Malcador in terms of armour plating and road speed, Malcador isn’t much inferior in harsh terrain and it’s a bit more maneuverable due to its narrower hull. Also while in many situations tank on Baneblade chassis is preferable they’re short in supply, for majority of Forge Worlds in the Imperium aren’t given sacred STCs for it.
Here I present my Malcador model in forest camouflage pattern with heavy weathering (dirt, mud, rust, oil stains etc.). Unlike most Malcadors, which accordingly to fluff are relegated to strategic reserves, my model represents a tank on active duty.
I’m planning on further improvements to this model – once I will add some camo netting, leaves&branches and possibly improve painting of machine gunner with whom I’m not entirely satisfied, but I like how tank generally looks.

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