Kroot warriors

Tau frequently employ their subject species as auxiliaries. And even grim and xenophobic firewarriors of Ke’lshan are no exceptions in this respect. Among most common auxiliaries are kroot, who to a certain degree became mainstay of many hunter cadres, for even most proud fire caste coommanders value their skills in infiltration, stealth and close quarters combat.

These models are first batch of ten kroot for my Tau army, I’m planning second batch of seven for total of seventeen kroot in 1850p army list. Some close ups below:


In tabletop game Kroot serve not only as a troops-slot filler, but are actually very versatile and useful infantry unit due to various possible methods of deployment (including infiltration and outflank).

And yet another group photo:


Please let me know what do you think about them. I’m quite happy about how they look.

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