There won’t be 7th or even 6.5th edition this year

While many sites report news about allegedly upcoming 7th (some call it 6.5th) edition, I believe it is not the case. All these rumors had one thing in common: integration of Escalation into core rules. I believe it is not the case, for if it was true, we would have Baneblade (and some of its variants) in recent Astra Militarum Codex.

I’m not basing this on any rumors – just recent releases. On the other hand it is not entirely impossible. If any of bright men and women at Games Workshop HQ reads it, please let me share what I would like to see in new edition. Apart from integration of Escalation and Stronghold Assault rules, which I still consider possible (and it would be appreciated by many players) but less likely than two weeks ago.

What is your dream starter kit?

Reworking of Overwatch mechanic: some armies, most notably Tau (but also Necrons and to a certain point Orks who have lots of dakka and their BS doesn’t matter here), own possibility to break the game with their overwatch. What about limiting overwatch only to units that have passed their initiative test? this will severely limit overwatch abuses and will make it possible to assault those absurdly strong gunlines.

On the other hand I believe that mechanic of defense stances similar to WHFB would be beneficial. By this I mean ability for assaulted unit to declare whenever it wants to stand and shoot or just flee (by which I mean just automatically failing their morale test and falling back 2d6) although I’m not certain if it will be fair given powerful ability called And They Shall Know No Fear.

Vehicles need ability to defend themselves against assault. I believe that all vehicles should have something like Point Defense Targeting Relay. After all Imperial Guard mounts flamers and heavy stubbers on their tanks for explicit purpose of defending themselves against infantry assault.

Readjustment of melee weapon AP values. How it is possible that Warp Talons whose claws are so sharp that they cut through sheer fabric of reality can’t even scratch meganob’s crude armour. How it is possible that Lucius the Eternal, one of the greatest duelists ever, doesn’t stand a chance against any guy with 2+ save.

Maybe reworking of AP mechanic alltogether? Actually I don’t like this “all or nothing” armour save mechanic where power armour provides almost perfect protection against Krak Grenade but no protection against Hot Shot Lasgun. Mechanic in WHFB (and in 2nd edition of 40k for that matter) is vastly more natural: specific strong attacks could reduce armour save by one, two or even three (i.e. chainaxe may reduce armour save by one, and plasma gun by two, as they used to in 2nd edition.).

Reworking of Allies mechanic I’m one of players who likes ability to take allies. It’s funny, fluffy and adds a chance to deploy detachments of which I have but a few models. On the other hand some allies lead to absurdly powerful combos, which shouldn’t really happen. Hence I am proposing following rules:
- Tau lose any battle brothers (this one is to deny Taudar, one of most broken builds in entire game).
- Armies of Imperium of Mankind can contain more than two detachments (primary and allied) only if an Inquisitor is their warlord (for fluff reasons).

Failed 2+ saving throws of any kind CAN’T be rerolled under any circumstances period.

Age of Darkness limitations for Lords of War that is nerfed version of D-weapon and limited weight of Lords of War (up to 25% of an army).

Cover saves should be allowed against Vector Strikes.

Dream starter kit

Guardsmen and cultists: similarly to 6th edition, story based starter, this time on Vraks. No more Imperial Marines, for they were appearing in ALL starters up to 6th.
- Death Korps of Krieg (Lord Comissar, 20 guardsmen, Flakk plaltform and three heavy mortars).
- Renegades and Heretics (Chaos Lord, 20 cultists and an Alpha Legion squad in a Dreadclaw).
- Terrain (urban rubble/barricades/trenchline)

What’s your dream starter? And what are your ideas for rules improvement?


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