Primaris Lightning Interceptor w/ ground attack option

One of the greatest interceptor fighters used by Legiones Astartes during Great Crusade and Horus Heresy was Primaris Lightning. It was a fast maneuverable aircraft capable of delivering overwhelming firepower. While it wasn’t extremely durable, it was piloted by skillful space marine legionaries capable of extreme evasive maneuvers. After those events Lightning jetplanes were mostly abandoned by Space Marine chapters, and their new pattern (which isn’t performing as well as heresy-era ones) is used almost exclusively by Imperial Navy

Quite different is story of Lightnings in Legions that have fallen to Chaos. This multi-role fighter used by Emperor’s Children legion was for example converted into a ground attack plane by replacing its Lascannons with twin linked armour piercing Flame cannon.

While not pleasing for Mechanicum worshippers this conversion proved to be extremely effective against all kinds of infantry even loyalist Marines equipped with powered armour.

This is how one of most evil Chaos Daemonic Engines of destruction was born, a Heldrake. Once masterwork of Adeptus Mechanicus it was through one heretical conversion and millenia spent in the Warp – transformed into one of most feared engines of destruction – the Heldrake.

It has magnetized main weapons (either lascannons, when played as Lightning in HH or flame cannons if played as Heldrake in 40k) and 6 magnetized pylons for missiles (I haven’t assembled missiles yet).

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