Empire is awesome

Top 10 reasons why I have started collecting the Empire in Warhammer (and not any new faction of Empire in Warhammer 40k)
- Sigmar is most powerful warhammer character ever. He united tribes of men, personally slaughtered thousands of orks and his empire stands undefeated 25 centuries later.
- He also didn’t allow Horus Heresy like his 40k counterpart.

- Sigmar ascended to divinity, Gilles did not. Neither did any of other human monarchs. Neither did his 40k counterpart who is just hardwired to a life-support device.
- Gunnery School of Nuln develops awesome steampunk tech. In the meantime Adeptus Mechanicus just loses STC printouts and worships 10k year old designs.
- While some Altdorf aristocracy may be corrupt, they are capable of great sacrifices for good of their people. And Altdorf is centre of trade, science and progress, not just dumb worshipping of Emperor.
- Electoral monarchy can be likable. Theocratic nazi-despotism cannot.
- Empire has permanent alliance with Dwarves and is capable of forming alliances with even Elves. And other kingdoms of men. In the meantime 40k IoM fights on ten fronts ’cause they’re so stupid xenophobes.
- Empire allows for certain degree of religious freedom (you may worship your deities as long as it is not Chaos and you are also paying for Temple of Sigmar). IoM inquisitors kill for any sign of not being dumb devout of Emprah.
- Demigriff cavalry are awesome! So are knightly orders!
- Empire Battle Wizards are so much cooler Sanctioned Psykers.

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