7th edition reactions: unbelieving and fear?

Of rumors on upcoming 7th edition, most widely discussed are:
- Unbound army-lists
- Demonology (no one knows how it is supposed to work but it is assumed that it allows to summon greater daemon at psykers will)
- Magic Phase (in principle just like in WHFB)
- Reinventing allies chart
- Inclusion of Escalation rules in core rulebook (Lords of War)

I have noticed that many players are scared by some of these new options. Many have claimed that inclusion of SH vehicles in standard game is absurd, shouldn’t happen and that they are suitable as display models more than for serious game. Whatever “serious game” means in a game that was never designed to be fully balanced.

I must admit, that after what I have heard, I’m rather enthusiastic about new edition, as are many other casual players. Many however are simply scared. But who exactly?

The most scared kind of players are those hard core powergamers, who lack imagination and are opposed to any alterations to the standard game format. These are guys who at dawn of 6th edition refused to allow Allies and Fortifications into play, these are guys who are afraid even of allowing Forgeworld models.

These are also the guys who at dawn of 6th edition claimed that three Heldrakes are OK, but Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (then it was almost only Skyfire interceptor option for SM) is not because it is an FW choice. Many of them play only scenarios of an upcoming tournament and never use Battlefield traits or any of scenarios from the rulebook other than Eternal War Missions (such as missions from Fighting Battles in the Dark Millenium section).

Those players are especially scared by wealth of options. With all tournaments played within the same force org limitations (SFOC, no Escalation, no IA) they had comfort of playing the same (highly optimized) army list all the time and knowing what to expect.

With new edition this era will certainly end. There will no longer be “standard rules” but rather set of options different on each event. You will be playing either unbound or battle forged, with or without lords of war or formation. You will have to alter your army list from event to event and you will be surprised by what your opponent brings. Frequently.

I myself predict, although my predictions may go wrong, that in upcoming edition there just WON’T be “standard rulespack”. Playing “1500pts unbound, but without flyers” will be just as legitimate as playing “old FOC but without Forgeworld” or “without Allies”.

And I like it.

By the way I believe that guys afraid of changes are vocal minority.


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  1. Bestyj says:

    I heard a rumor, that escalation is in, so are D wepons nerfed in the new rulebook – people aren’e afraid of escalation. They are really only afraid of Hard to kill models with Instant Death No save weapons.

    Cut out the instant death – no save, and no one will complain about escalation. Really, Pointwise, SH wehicules aren’t that usefull and economic friendly.

    • maciek says:

      True. Most of them are overpriced for their damage output. Eldar Titan is notable exception (Not only Pulsar is scary – its sonic lance has potential to obliterate any infantry unit with no cover)

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