Tournament scene in Poland and recent additions to the 6th edition

This is translation of an article which was originally published in Polish Podsumowanie wpływu ostatnich zmian 6 edycji na rzeczywistosc turniejową w Polsce.

Some of my international readers (only about 30% of this blog’s readers are from Poland) may be interested in how Polish tournament scene have accepted recent additions to 40k 6th edition.

I have recently browsed Polish 40k league forums and checked rulesets for tournaments in various places. Since March (release of Imperial Knight codex) there were 38 tournaments in our country.

On 7 of them Escalation rules were used and on 11 IK codex was allowed. In most cases Destroyer Weapons were homeruled as S:10 with some additions (armourbane, instant death, ignores cover, but nothing consistent).

I don’t know if it’s good that SH vehicles are becoming common on tournaments, but this unequal approach of some Tournament Organizers (where Imperial Knights are OK but Lords of War are not) appears to be a bit irrational.

As for Imperial Armour, IA stuff was allowed on 15 tournament (where IA was allowed, but Escalation was not, it’s safe to assume, that superheavy vehicles from IA also weren’t allowed).

On 20 out of 38 toournaments only standard codices were played (so no IA, Escalation and IK Codex).

It’s interesting: “Standard rulespack” is being less and less common. (one year ago almost all tournaments were played with “standard codices only” and now they constitute just above 50%).

I haven’t taken into account combat patrol tournaments and all sub-1000pt ones.

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