[WFB] Steam tank – scratchbuilt

First model in my Empire army is Steam Tank, which I have made out of paper and matchsticks. Not only did it save me some money, but also gave me a lot of fun building it. If you want to learn more about steam tank, please visit excellent Lexicanum article detailing various kinds of imperial steam tanks.

I have started design process on paper from designing both upper and lower deck. They both were cut out using cutting mat and sharp hobby knife.

Sides of the tank were also cut out of paper. Steam Cannon is pen refill while steam boiler is just piece of random plastic tube. As you see, at thi stage matching of components isn’t very precise. It will later me improved with greenstuff and Humbrol model filler.

Upper deck was than decorated with matchsticks to give it proper texture. It was further reinforced with thin stripes of plasticard. Similarly steam boiler and wheels will be covered with wood. Various piping elements around the steam boiler were also made of pen refills.

Exhausts are made of model sprues and turret is just bottlecap covered in paper.
To make the model complete I have made proper 50x100mm chariot base made out of 3mm board, and added crewman with a gun.

Here tank is painted, you may notice lightnings and Azyr icon – this vehicle is property of College of Heavens of course.


Cost of materials used? Less than 2 pounds.

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