Introducing 40k map based campaign in my area

I have recently decided to introduce map based campaign into my local 40k gaming community. It’s risky take as within last few years all attempts at 40k campaign were failing with very low participance.

I have designed rules to suit my group:
– No permanent bonuses from posessing any kind of land etc., so that players who don’t own anything aren’t disadvantaged (and thus discouraged from playing)
– Victories (and all games btw) contribute to both players personal glory and to lands conquered by Alliance. So for example if I win with my CSM, I gain points, but all Chaos players gain land (at expense of the Imperium)
– Campaign is focused on Imperium and Chaos but Xenos armies are allowed too :)
– Both more frequent and less frequent players can contribute to victories of their alliance.
– System works even if there is unequal number of players on both sides

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