Making wargaming terrain – a wooden church for 28mm wargames


After several months of inactivity I present something new. A wooden church, I’ve built for “Saga”, a 28mm wargame set in early middle ages (although it may be usable also in other 28mm wargames including WFB and Bolt Action).

Work in progress pictures

It is entirely scratchbuilt, without plans, just with some historical referrence.
Basic structure is cut out of balsa plywood reinforced with several pieces of HIPS (commonly referred to as Plasticard).


Same material (Plasticard) is used for basic structure of roofs


Extra detailing is added with matchsticks and cardboard.


Basic color is applied using paintbrush (no airbrush, just plain ordinary brushes). Mix of drybrush and washing techniques are used to achieve effect of old wood.

Fence is made out of matchsticks and grass is from Heki modelling supplies.

Finished building

Click on thumbnail to see full size JPEG out of a camera.





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  1. greggles says:

    Gorgeously done period church. Very nice work and a spectacular piece of terrain!

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