About this blog

This blog will feature all things warhammer-related, but will focus on my models and various articles on tactics, fluff and scenarios for WH40k as well as homebrew expansions, cosplay, roleplaying games and really all stuff that is awesome.

About me

For 5 years or so I collect Games Workshop models, but only recently I have started playing WH40k. My favuorite armies wear power armour (Space Marines/Dark Angels/CSM/Legiones Astartes) and, but I also collect Orks, Tau, Renegades&heretics and guardsmen.

I do not accept commissions for painting/modeling
I’ve been several times asked to paint something for money but I’ve always refused. I’m not a professional painter, just hobbyist. On the other hand if you want your models to be professionally painted, I recommend services of two of my friends:
Rillian, you will find his blog at http://paintingempire.blogspot.com/
Gambit, you will find his blog at http://gambitronix.blogspot.com/
Both of them are very skilled in art of miniature painting (much better than me) and I’m sure, you’ll be happy with result of their work.