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Escalation – let us fix it. [EN]

Friday, March 7th, 2014

After few games of new Apocalypse and Escalation I have reached conclusion that stuff needs to be fixed. Leave Apocalypse alone because insane things in Apoc are normal and they don’t disturb anyone and focus on Escalation.

Escalation is a cool idea. It allows to run certain superheavy vehicles and other apocalyptic stuff in your “standard” games. That’s why there are attempts to “balance stuff” with i.e. “through attrition, victory” rule. Unfortunately in new Apoc SH vehicles become ungodly overpowered (especially wen compared against regular vehicles). Even humble Baneblade costing 3 LRBT does considerably more damage than 3LRBT and is considerably more durable than those three combined.

Generally I dislike Escalation book. Excluding missions it’s just ONE page of new rules within entire 20 pounds worth of book (SH rules and datasheets are copied either from existing Apoc book or from IA:Apoc, in case of Tigershark).

I was thinking of some simple home rule to make it less scary, but out of few home rules quickly emerged alternate ruleset for SH.